Colourful art

The Orchid-Room

Elegant Art Nouveau welcomes you in the Orchid-Room. Like all other furniture in our Art Nouveau rooms, the elegant metalwork bed was tailormade for the room and it is wonderfully comfortable at night.

The Neptune-Room

The maritime atmosphere of our Neptune-Room will captivate you. The elegantly cool design is reminiscent of seafaring, the vastness of the sea and hence a source of inspiration for artists of the Art Nouveau. A 19th century seascape accentuates the very special character of this room.

The Peacock-Room

An exotic feel and a blaze of colours characterizes our Peacock-Room. The gorgeous wallpaper with stylized peacock feathers conveys timeless elegance which is typical for all our Art Nouveau rooms. You will find handmade furniture in the style of the early 1900s here, too.

The Reed-Room

A William Morris wallpaper and impressionistic art create the special ambience of this room. The luxurious bathroom with select tiles in a classic black & white pattern, mosaic floor and a large mirror in elegant black & gold tones will offer you the comfort you can expect to find in all bathrooms on the Art Nouveau floor of our hotel.

The Klimt-Room

Gustav Klimt was arguably the most famous painter of the Art Nouveau. We dedicated this room to him. From here you have magnificent views of the Siegerland hills. The Klimt-Room offers colourful comfort which is typical for all our Art Nouveau rooms.

The Flower-Room

Art Nouveau is characterized by a variety of different shapes and styles. The artistic repertoire ranges from neo-classical subjects to arabesques and extends to Japanese influences. The Flower-Room on the Art Nouveau floor of our house recalls the latter.

Our Rooms

Please choose between the Asian luxury in our Chinese Rooms, the colourful art of the Art Nouveau Rooms, restrained elegance in the Siegerland Rooms or the romantic ambience of the English Suite.